Say Hello To Bromo

Not only at concerts, now the pad steals my sunrise. 
Everybody tried to be higher than anybody else.

What if the fence can't take it anymore?

Who lives in the houses there?
The golden path.

Let the sunshine wash away my pain.

i can't help staring at you, you are so beautiful.

i don't know what to say
i'm stunned.

when the wind casts the fogs away.

Let this be my playground.

They call the savana, bukit Teletabis.
Okay. this writing may not be important anymore after you seen the photos. But i'll tell you how did i get there. It was 45 minutes to midnight and all the things were set. The driver told us that this would take us about 3 hours to get to Bromo. I can't really remember the cities we passed during the trip because i was half dreaming.* The first thing remembered was we pass a toll gate and i don't remember where's the exit, the second thing i remember was, they woke me up because our car could not make it to climb a hilly road so we have walk a bit to let the car find a good start to roll again. Fortunately, God sent us a 4x4 WD Land Cruiser behind us so we don't have to walk. After a deal, the Toyota agreed to take us to the viewing point.

It was 3.15 when we arrived at the gate to Bromo viewing point. After a bowl of instant noodles and a few hot fried bananas we dragged our feet to the viewing point as more and more people came. Yes, and we were there. The viewing place was full of people, I think they spent the night there haha. It was an hour before the sunrise.

When the sun finally rise, the place was full of people. The viewing place provide all the seating so the visitors could sit and view the sunrise. But the fact was the people were so excited, the want to be the closest to the view so they stand on the fence. Not only lean on the fence, they climb on it. I was helpless. I am only 160 cm, I can't see anything. But i think it was a miracle, effortlessly I finally see the sunrise through a visitor's Pad. Maybe the should provide a big screen TV as well. I felt like I was in a concert.

So the excitement last about 10 minutes. After that, the people step back and take photos with the Bromo landscape as background. When you take a photo from the viewing place it is no way you can get exactly the view like you used to see in books and websites. I want to took a picture exactly like what I saw in books. I wonder where they took it. So I did a little exploration. I sneaked to the unfinished new tower building next to the fences of the viewing place and there I found the place. I stepped down carefully as the grass was wet and the hill was very steep. I took a few photos there.

As the sun climbed the sky and the people were leaving the viewing place, the trip continued. The driver told us the places we could see including the crater and Ranu Kumbolo lake. After a little discussion we were likely not to go to the places because of the time limit. But fortunately on the way back the driver took us few tourist spot like the beautiful Savanna and the sea of sand. I would surely see the Ranu Kumbolo lake and the Bromo crater on my next visit to Bromo.

Bromo is amazing.

*I was sleeping. There are tons of articles in Wikipedia, websites and blogs for more detailed way on how to get to Bromo.


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