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Dream on - Aerosmith

In the last few days I have nothing to play in my Windows Media player as I have dumped all the downloaded mp3's to recycle bin about 1 month ago. And it said they were way too big so they suggest to erase the files forever. And I did it. I deleted all the files except the ones that i ripped myself from the CD's I've bought, and the ones left in the music folder is only Pearl Jam's, a couple of Blondie and the Cardigans albums. I can not remember all the CD's i have at home so i have to rip them again. That's a lot of work to do. Beberapa hari ini saya kebingungan karena saya tidak punya apa-apa untuk di setel di Windows media Player karena saya sudah menbuang semua mp3 ke recycle bin sebulan yang lalu dan dikatakan kalau kumpulan file mp3 saya terlalu besar untuk recyle bin. Jadi, akhirnya saya hapus semuanya kecuali lagu-lagu Pearl Jam karena saya punya CD nya di rumah, beberapa album Blondie dan Cardigans. Saya tidak ingat semua album Cd yang saya punyai