Your Love - Marie Digby

And if you are a songwriter, write songs. Write great songs that people want to cry to, fall in love to, laugh to, whatever — songs that will last.- Digby

Those are lines from Marie's answer from an interview with NMR website. Yes, she said also that her vocal range is not at what the people would amazed but it is true that she has a nice voice to listen to. With the ability to explore more feelings to write, her song would surely have the power to make the people smile, laugh, or even cry.

In 2004, after graduated from Berkeley, she won a prize on Pantene Pro-Voice competition with her song "Miss Invisible". Nothing much happened until 2007, she posted many acoustic cover version of popular songs. The cover was including a Rihanna's Umbrella that now gaining it's 20 million views.

Her debut album was released in 2008 titled unfold. 

Now, she is doing her your love Asia concert for Philippines and Singapore. The Singapore date would be October, 28, 2012.

Well, the singer's voice is above all criteria to listen to someone's song, but, watching a video of an amazingly super beautiful woman playing an acoustic guitar singing a beautiful song is a treat.

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