Lengkung Langit - Dialog Dini Hari

Dialog Dini Hari literally means Early Morning Talks of which the idea is from series of morning talks between members of two Balinese Bands in early 2008. Dadang SH Pranoto, a guitarist from Navicula, a well known grunge band `from Bali,  and Mark Liepman from KAIMSASIKUN often talked over coffee in their nights through mornings.

They turned the talks into lyrics and melody. The lyrics and melody blended into a song and become a doze of tranquilizer or the troubled souls. Described as an oasis in the desert, the songs are often folksy, ballad, and bluesy. 

In July 2012, the band released their third album titled Lengkung Langit (Horizon). The album is presented in a limited edition 7"vinyl. Lengkung Langit is the title of one of the songs in the album which the videos also released at the time the album released.

Lengkung Langit talked about love, human soul and mother nature. Lengkung langit is a perfect song for you to listen at anytime, The cheerful beat and thoughtful lyrics remind us to stay sane and grateful.

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