Screaming Benyamin S

Benyamin Sueb or Benyamin S, also known as Bang Ben is an Indonesian artist, actor, singer and director. Born in a not so lucky economically family, little Ben begin his act of entertainment in the neighborhood, singing a song for small cash or a cake. Benyamin's grandparents Saiti is a clarinet player and Haji Ung known as a folk theater player in the Dutch colonial era.

Later, Benyamin joined a traditional gambang kromong group called Naga Mustika in Cengkareng. This group then delivered him as one of great Indonesian singer. Aloing with his duet Ida Royani, Benyamin song's like Si Jampang (1969) and Ondel-Ondel (1971) gained popularity in Indonesia.

Through his success in music, benyamin also had an opportunity to star films, such as  Banteng Betawi(1971), Biang Kerok(1972, Intan Berduri and Si Doel Anak Betawi(1976) directed by Syumanjaya.In Intan Baiduri, Benyamin awarded Piala Citra as the best actor.

Benyamin S music style including traditional gambang kromong music, pop, rock and blues. A couple of his best blues tunes are Digebukin and Badminton.

For Indonesian people, Benyamin Sueb is a Legend. He was doing best in everything he did, as a singer or an actor. His songs and his movies had become legacy for Indonesia.

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