Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath

My life was empty, forever on a down 
Until you took me, showed me around 
My life is free now, my life is clear 
I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

Sweet Leaf is the first song of Black Sabbath's third album, Master of Reality (1971). Commenced with a sample of the guitarist Tomy Iommi coughing, the song comes with a heavy riff from his down-tuned guitar. He down-tuned the guitar due to his finger injury years earlier. The less tensioned guitar strings allowed him to play the guitar more comfortably and produced more heavy and dark sound.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Iommi said "we were smoking a lot of pot -- it got very out of hand, dancing naked in the studio. . . ." he also said "I was outside recording an acoustic thing, and Ozzy brought me a joint. I had a puff and nearly choked myself, and they were taping it!" and Osbourne said "Geezer wrote a song about it, "Sweet Leaf." That's Tony coughing at the beginning of the song."

Until today, the song is still taking it's place in the weed related lists like "The Best Weed Songs" or "Greatest Stoner Songs Playlist" or "Dope Tracks: The Top 25 Songs About Weed" and often make friends with Marley's Kaya.

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