Times of Trouble/Footsteps - Temple Of The Dog/Pearl Jam

If there ever any song have a twin, it must be Temple of The Dog's Times Of Trouble and Pearl Jam's Footstep. Technically they are twin: they have one identical music body written by Stone Gossard. One has Chris Cornell on Vocals and the other got Eddie Vedder's voice. The two had given a different soul into Gossard's music.

Times of trouble featured in Temple of The Dog's album Temple of The Dog. Temple of The Dog was a band formed by soundgarden's frontman Chris Cornell as a tribute to Andy Wood with the members including Mother Love Bone's Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, Soundgarden's drummer Matt Cameroon, Mike Mcready and Eddie Vedder. With the Pearl Jam's line up at this time, Temple of The Dog is simply Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell on vocals.

Footsteps is the third song after Dollar Short (Alive) and Once in what was called Mamasan trilogy, a demo tape that Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament  to Eddie Vedder to put some vocals on the demo. The Demo was sent through Jack Irons of Red Hot Chilli Peppers who thought that the demos would be great with the vocal of Eddie Vedder.


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