The Greatest - Cat Power

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stall me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned deep to dust

The song is started with a slow piano strike, followed by trembling steel guitar, violin and drums. There is a strange feeling of being far away in an endless travel of finding who you really are, the greatest side of you.


Every inches you travel it make an endless hole in your heart. The holes only your beloved ones can cover. It starts to make you feel small, because you need some you love to be great.

The song suddenly makes you longing to meet someones you love to give them hugs and kisses and promise to yourself never leave them alone even for a second. Ever.

The greatest is the first track of the album the greatest by Chan Marshall a.k.a Cat Power released in January 20, 2006. The song was featured in the film and in the trailers for Wong Kar-Wai's debut English production, My Blueberry Nights. In 2009 the song was featured in the movies Mammoth by Lukas Moodysson and Ricky by Francois Ozon.


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