Crush- Jennifer Paige

What I really like about '90's music is that this pop song sounds great for me. It linked me to that era and this song sounds just like yesterday.

Lately, I just found out that this song is being sung again for Glee TV series, I checked the video out this version by Lea Michele. Not even close to Paige's version.

Listen to this original version of Paige:

then listen to this Glee version

now you understand what I mean.

Well, this song was written by Andy Goldmark, Mark Mueller, Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark. It was released as the first single from Jennifer Paige's first album, Jennifer Paige (1998).

The music video for "Crush" was produced by Kati Haberstok and directed by David Hogan. The song was charted in many countries, peaked at number one in Australia, Canada and New Zealand and reached number 4 in UK and number 3 US Pop Songs Billboard Chart.


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