Boys and Girls and Parklife - Blur

I remembered the first time i heard Blur from a pirated cassette tape my friend bought in 1997, it was the self titled album blur. Later, I was kind of finding something fresh for my ear that at the time was in searching for a good music.

Besides the influence of Guns 'N Roses and Helloween and Metallica between 1991 to 1994, fall in love to Pearl Jam in 1994 and marry the band later until now, I need something i can play in my car and accompany me during the tea time. And God give me the answer: Blur.

For me at the first time listening to blur was like listening to something from far away, way from the outer space maybe. I listened to 13 after the blur album and before Parklife album.

Yesterday I found a news about blur awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the 2012 BRIT Awards on 21 February 2012 . I checked the video on youtube and found they performed 5 tracks: 'Girls & Boys', 'Song 2', 'Parklife', 'Tender' and 'This is a Low'. They were 5 songs from 3 different albums.

Damon Albarn is still great.  Albarn said in his acceptance speech: ‘The last time we were here was 17 years ago and what happened on that night had a very profound effect on our lives". Yeah, in 1995 Blur awarded Brit Awards for Best Band, Best Album (Parklife), Best Single (Parklife), Best British Video (Parklife).

Here the video of Blur performing Boys and Girls from the album Parklife in Hyde Park in 2009. The video was included in Blur: Live At Hyde Park 2009" DVD. The concert featured 26 songs performed live by Blur, including with Graham Coxon.

and this Parklife video awarded the Brit Award for the Best British Video The video was directed by Pedro Romhanyi featured actor  Phil Daniels with Damon Albarn as his assistant and other band members as various characters from the song.


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