Lost Without You

The same as a written literature, a song also has the ability to tell the events or feelings to be conveyed by the author. Tone and beat in a particular arrangement may represent a natural human expression such as sadness, love, longing, anger, and others.  
A song that I think represents a sense of grief of loosing someone we love is a song from John Petrucci, a founder of the band Dream Teathre entitled "Lost without you". This song can be found on his first solo album called suspended animation track number 7. 
With a very soft guitar lines in the beginning and getting tensed in the next part, this song is very emotional and evocative. Without the words, it will tell you the exact feeling of "lost without you".
You can find the video of this song on youtube:

click if you want to buy the song or the album on amazone:

Song Summary
Tittle: Lost Without You
Album: Suspended Animation
Writer: John Petrucci
Year: 2005


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