if i thought you'd ever change your mind

I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses as the sun begins to shine
Sweet perfume in tiny jeweled caskets
If I thought you'd ever change your mind

But what use of flowers in the morning
When the garden they should grow in is not mine
And what use is sunshine if I'm crying
And my falling tears are mingled with the wine

that's two paragraphs of the song if i thought you'd ever change your mind, a beautiful song covered by Agneta Faltskog in her album, My Coloring Book. Agnetha is a Swedish singer and a former member of ABBA.
This song is written by John Cameron and performed by Cilla Black an england Singer, television presenter and actress 1970 and reached number 20 in UK Chart. In 2004 Agnetha Fältskog released this song as the first single in her 11th solo album. The single reached number two in Sweden reached number 11 in the UK.
A video of this song on youtube
Agnetha's version:

Cilla Black's version:

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