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There's Something About Jeff Ament

Recently I downloaded Jeff Ament's new album from the link accompanied with the Vinyl I bought. Below I copied a pdf comes with the download containing a few info on the album and Jeff Ament. 

Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath

My life was empty, forever on a down 
Until you took me, showed me around 
My life is free now, my life is clear 
I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

Sweet Leaf is the first song of Black Sabbath's third album, Master of Reality (1971). Commenced with a sample of the guitarist Tomy Iommi coughing, the song comes with a heavy riff from his down-tuned guitar. He down-tuned the guitar due to his finger injury years earlier. The less tensioned guitar strings allowed him to play the guitar more comfortably and produced more heavy and dark sound.

A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell

Oh you are in my blood like holy wine Oh and you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet Oh I could drink a case of youI could drink a case of you darling And I would still be on my feet Oh Id still be on my feet ------ A Case Of You, Joni Mitchell, Blue

Joni Mitchell's A Case of You is the song that I probably played everyday in the past 2 months. This song is the 9th track of the album Blue. More blue than the tittle were the lyrics and the music. The entire album is like a perfect storytelling of a darker side of someone's heart full of pain. In a 1979 Rolling Stone interview with Cameron Crowe, Mitchell said of Blue:

Pearl Jam: Into The Movie #1

These are movies that can be associated with Pearl Jam in their role, music or soundtracks.

Pearl Jam Contributing 2 songs in the Sountrack, State of Love and Trust and breath. In this movie directed by Cameron Crowe, Members of Pearl jam also playing a cameo role as a band called Citizen Dick. Singles  CD Cover
Romantic comedy about six of Seattle's young people, most of whom live in the same apartment building and whose lives revolve around the city's ever-expanding music scene. The inter-related stories about each character's progress through the singles scene are intriguing and often very funny, and the soundtrack is a grunge fanatic's dream, with the likes of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney.- IMDB

Director: Cameron Crowe Writer: Cameron Crowe Stars:Bridget FondaCampbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick|
Singles DVD Cover


Heavier Than Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam, one of Seattle bands that survived Y2K, made their 20 years of musical journey last year. With two decades of togetherness, now they are expecting the birth of their 10th album that never will be named Ten because they already used the name for their first album.
Pearl Jam is said to be grown up musically. Depart from Vitalogy, fans are challenged on purpose by the band to swallow uneasy music, Eddie Vedder, the vocalist, said in an interview with Gabriella from NYRock: "We'd rather challenge our fans and make them listen to our songs than give them something that's easy to digest. There is a lot of music out there that is very easy to digest but we never wanted to be part of it"
That is Pearl Jam, but how about their members personally? if they are making their music, is it not going to be easy to digest? Well, it's not easy to tell, but the members of the band known for their projects that offers you taste that are not Pearl Jam, or could it be better.…

Cat's In The Cradle-Ugly Kid Joe

This song reminds me of a film by Tim Burton, Big Fish, even it's not exactly bringing the same theme,  they are both based on father and son relationship.

This song is a reminder for us, fathers, to spend more time with our kids. Here in a cover version by Ugly Kid Joe:

This song was originally written by Harry Chapin, inspired by a poem written by his wife, you can listen to the background of the making of the music in the video below:

Elanor Rigby - The Beatles

The Beatles, one of the greatest band in the history of mankind, had proved to be more than a british-pop band. One of the band's work that was beyond pop is the song Elanor Rigby. Born from the idea of Paul, the song was finished by the band with a double string quartet arrangement by George Martin and none of the band membes playing the instruments. John and George Harrison did the harmony on vocals.

Kehangatan dan Senyuman dari Bogor

Apa yang terlintas di benak kita saat mendengar kata Bogor? Saya membayangkan talas. Mungkin juga akan terlintas kata Roti Unyil, kebun Raya, asinan dan angkot. Mengapa kata-kata tersebut? Silahkan cari sendiri korelasi kata-kata diatas dengan Bogor. Yang jelas, hari minggu 1 juli 2012 kemarin saya harus ke bogor untuk mennerima hadiah pertama Lomba Blog yang diselenggarakan Komunitas Pearl Jam Indonesia atau yang biasa disebut PJID. Acara ini juga akan diisi dengan peluncuran majalah komunitas PJID, RVM edisi kedua. Satu kata yang saya teriakan ketika menginjakan kaki saya di halaman cafe Allure: panas!