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Crush- Jennifer Paige

What I really like about '90's music is that this pop song sounds great for me. It linked me to that era and this song sounds just like yesterday.

Lately, I just found out that this song is being sung again for Glee TV series, I checked the video out this version by Lea Michele. Not even close to Paige's version.

Listen to this original version of Paige:

then listen to this Glee version

now you understand what I mean.

Well, this song was written by Andy Goldmark, Mark Mueller, Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark. It was released as the first single from Jennifer Paige's first album, Jennifer Paige (1998).

The music video for "Crush" was produced by Kati Haberstok and directed by David Hogan. The song was charted in many countries, peaked at number one in Australia, Canada and New Zealand and reached number 4 in UK and number 3 US Pop Songs Billboard Chart.

Daysleeper - R.E.M

"I cried the other night,I can't even say why."

Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

let's sing first.....

Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic
Another Dimension, Another Dimension

Well Now don't you tell me to smile
You stick around I'll make it worth your while
Got numbers beyond what you can dial
Maybe it's because I'm so versatile
Style profile I said
It always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child
From the Hudson River out to the Nile
I run the marathon til the very last mile
If you battle me I will revile
People always say my style is wild
You've got gall you've got guile
To step to me I'm a rapophile
If you want to battle your in denial
Coming from Uranus to check my style
Go ahead put my rhymes on trial
Cast you off into exile

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic

Jazz and Awol that's our team
Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene
When it comes to beats well I'm a fiend
I like my sugar with coffee and cream
Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam
Too sweet to be sour too nice to…

Hit The City - Mark Lanegen Band

"Hit the City" is a singel from Mark Lanegan's album tittled Bubblegum.Hit the city featured an English singer PJ Harvey. "Hit the City" peaked at 76 on the British singles chart and was Lanegan's first single to chart.
Mark Lanegan is an alternative rock musician and singer-songwriter from Ellensburg, Washington. His career debuted in 1985 as a vocalist for a grunge era band Screaming Trees with Gary Lee Conner, Van Conner and Mark Pickerel. Screaming Trees at least had released 8 albums.
Not only worked for Screaming Trees, Lanegan also  has released his solo works under the name of Mark Lanegan Band. So far he had released six studio albums. Lanegan is also the member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins.

Lanegen loves to work with female artists including Isobel Campbell, Melissa Auf der Maur, Martina Topley Bird, and PJ Harvey.
Bubblegum is an album by Mark Lanegan Band, released in 2004. In this album, Lanegan worked with many prominent gue…

Grunge Indonesia, Dimana? Kemana?: Sebuah Pemahaman Dangkal

Saya sangat kesulitan memulai tulisan ini, karena saya hanya mengenal apa yang berkesan grunge ini di indonesia dari famplet-famplet konser musik yang sering mampir di akun fesbuk saya. Famplet-famplet yang biasanya penuh dengan nama-nama band yang menurut saya aneh.

Kalo mau tau sejarah grunge dari negeri asalnya ya kita baca lah sejarahnya grunge itu, bagaimana band-band di seattle terbentuk, bagaimana mereka menjadi mainstream, dan bagaimana mereka bertahan dari literatur-literatur macam Grunge is Dead-nya Prato atau The Strangest Tribe-nya Stephen Tow, atau juga Everybody Loves Our Town nya Mark Yarm, tapi jujur saja buku-buku itu lama kelamaan membosankan untuk dibaca.

What If - Kate Winslet

This is the song's info I copied directly from  Wikipedia
"What If" is the debut single by actress Kate Winslet, released in November 2001. The song is taken from the 2001 animated film Christmas Carol: The Movie which is based on the Charles Dickens classic novel. Winslet provided the voice of Belle in the film, which also stars Nicolas Cage, Jane Horrocks and Simon Callow.
"What If" is a ballad that follows the film's theme, and was the first and only song to be released from the official movie soundtrack. It was written and produced by Steve Mac, who has worked with Westlife, Boyzone and 5ive. The music video, which was directed by Paul Donnellon and produced by Chris Horton, shows Winslet walking around an old Victorian house, along with clips from the film.
News that Winslet was secretly recording the one-off single to vie for the 2001 UK Christmas number one spot was reported in the Daily Mirror newspaper. In the event the song entered the UK Single…

Welcome To My House- Dara Puspita

Dara Puspita was formed in 1964 in Surabaya by Titiek Adji Rachman (guitar, vocals), Lies Soetisnowati Adji Rachman (bass), Susy Nander (drums), and Ani Kusuma (guitar). On 3 April 1965, Titik Hamzah Replaced Ani Kusuma's position replaced by Hamzah.

Dara Puspita was probably the most successful girl band in Indonesian Music History. In the 60's they are very famous with worth waited concerts in every region in Indonesia. Their music varies from pop to progressive rock.

Dara Puspita's stage performance and style is out of mainstream, they used to wear mini skirts with bright colors and knee-high boots. They were populat with the singles: Welcome to My House, Ba Da Da Dum, Surabaya, and Mari-Mari, A Go Go, and many more.

Dara Puspita also toured foreign countries, like Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, and even they had to do a concert tour around Europe. Thus, until the end of 1971 Dara Puspita's songs was very popular in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, England…

Narrow Daylight - Diana Krall

Diana Krall is is a Canadian jazz pianist and singer. Since 1993 she has released 10 studio albums, 2 live concert album and 1 compilation album. Her albums has gained success worldwide with the selling of 6 million albums in the US and 15 millions worldwide.

Narrow Daylight is the ninth track of Diana Krall's eighth Album, The Girl In The Other Room. Narrow Daylight is one of my favorite track of the album. All song in the album is great, easy to listen and warm. This album is also my first love to Diana Krall.

Times of Trouble/Footsteps - Temple Of The Dog/Pearl Jam

If there ever any song have a twin, it must be Temple of The Dog's Times Of Trouble and Pearl Jam's Footstep. Technically they are twin: they have one identical music body written by Stone Gossard. One has Chris Cornell on Vocals and the other got Eddie Vedder's voice. The two had given a different soul into Gossard's music.

Times of trouble featured in Temple of The Dog's album Temple of The Dog. Temple of The Dog was a band formed by soundgarden's frontman Chris Cornell as a tribute to Andy Wood with the members including Mother Love Bone's Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, Soundgarden's drummer Matt Cameroon, Mike Mcready and Eddie Vedder. With the Pearl Jam's line up at this time, Temple of The Dog is simply Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell on vocals.

Footsteps is the third song after Dollar Short (Alive) and Once in what was called Mamasan trilogy, a demo tape that Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament  to Eddie Vedder to put some vocals on the demo. The Demo…

Boys and Girls and Parklife - Blur

I remembered the first time i heard Blur from a pirated cassette tape my friend bought in 1997, it was the self titled album blur. Later, I was kind of finding something fresh for my ear that at the time was in searching for a good music.

Besides the influence of Guns 'N Roses and Helloween and Metallica between 1991 to 1994, fall in love to Pearl Jam in 1994 and marry the band later until now, I need something i can play in my car and accompany me during the tea time. And God give me the answer: Blur.

For me at the first time listening to blur was like listening to something from far away, way from the outer space maybe. I listened to 13 after the blur album and before Parklife album.

Yesterday I found a news about blur awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the 2012 BRIT Awards on 21 February 2012 . I checked the video on youtube and found they performed 5 tracks: 'Girls & Boys', 'Song 2', 'Parklife', 'Tender' and 'This is…

You Belong to Me- Carla Bruni

See the Pyramids Along the Nile
Watch the sun rise On a tropic isle
Just remember darling All the while
You belong to me

See the market place In old Algiers Send me photographs And souvenirs Just remember 'Til your dream appears You belong to me

I'll be so alone Without you
Maybe You'll be lonesome too  And blue
Fly the ocean In a silver plane See the jungle When its wet with rains Just remember Till you're home again You belong to me

You Belong to Me is a melodic pop ballad from 50's credited to three writers: Pee Wee King, Chilton Price, and Redd Stewart. It is a perfect song for having an evening tea under a tree, alone. Even you hear the song for the first time, it would be as comfortable as the old shoe for you.

The song was recorded  in the 50's by  Sue Thompson,  Jo Stafford, Dean Martin. In the 60's This song was covered by The Duprees, Patsy Cline,  and Bing Crosby.

The most recent covers are by  Bob Dylan in 1992 released 2 years later as the sountrack of the fi…

Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd

"Either the music comes first and the lyrics are added, or music and lyrics come together. Only once have the lyrics been written down first — 'Wish You Were Here'. But this is unusual; it hasn't happened before."—Roger Waters, 1975

"I wrote it around the time my grandmother died. She spent her last years at my mother's house, and when I visited, she would look at me with an anguished expression and go, 'Robert!' Robert was her husband, who had been dead for twenty years. It was very tortured and moving."—Roger Waters, New York magazine, 9 November 2009, p. 21

"When it sounds like it's coming out of a radio, it was done by equalisation. We just made a copy of the mix and ran it through eq. to make it very middly, knocking out all the bass and most of the high top so that it sounds radio-like. The interference was recorded on my car cassette radio and all we did was to put that track on top of the original track. It'…

First Cut Is The Deepest- Sheryl Crow

Did you know that "The First Cut Is the Deepest" was written by Cat Stevens ?  in 1967 act Stevens wrote the song and sold it to PP Arnold for £30. The song was released by P. P. Arnold in the spring of 1967 and later in the same year Cat Stevens included the song, sung by him in his album New Masters in December 1967.

Cat Stevens is an English singer-songwriter, born Steven Demetre Georgiou. After convert to Islam he changed his name to Yusuf Islam.
P. P. Arnold is an American-born singer who had worked with so many musicians including The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, yes, Roger Waters and Oasis.

"The First Cut Is the Deepest"  has been widely covered and has become a hit single for four different artists: P. P. Arnold (1967), Keith Hampshire (1973), Rod Stewart (1977) and Sheryl Crow (2003). For me, the best version of the song is the Sheryl Crow's version that featured in The Very Best of Sheryl Crow compilation album in 2003. The version became one of Crow&…

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

"Black Hole Sun" is my first experience with Soundgarden, an American rock band. The song was written by Chris Cornell and released in 1994 as the third single from the band's fourth studio album Superunknown (1994).
The album Superunknown is the most commercially successful amongst Soundgarden's previous records as it was a multi-platinum with more than 5-million sold. 
In a report, Jennifer Clay fromRIP Magazine wrote that it was MTV, commercial radio, and arena rock, a long way from being an opening act for the likes of Danzig and Guns N'Roses. Then Soundgarden was slapped on the cover of Rolling Stone as quickly as Jennifer Aniston's bare body and Green Day's smirks, are about to co-headline with one of the heaviest commercially successful bands, Metallica, on what will probably be one of the biggest money-making tours of '96, faux-alternative Lollapalooza, and they're selling truckloads of records. Does all this make them commercial? Chris…

With a Little Help From My Friends- The Beatles

What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me?

With a Little Help From My Friends is written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney's the Beatles for the album Sgt Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. The song is sung by Ringgo Starr, the band's drummer.

One of the best cover of this song is a cover by Joe Cocker. Joe Cocker covered the song in 1968 and peaked the chart position in UK. Joe Cocker's version was a little bit slower than the original, using different chords and composition with a very long organ intro at the beginning by Tommy Eyre. Tommy Eyre was a keyboardist from England, who appeared on many records of different artists such as Joe Cocker, Gary Moore, B.B. King, John Mayall, Tracy Chapman and Wham!.

In 1969 Cocker by performed the song at Woodstock with Procol Harum's B.J. Wilson and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. The performance is included the documentary film, Woodstock.

Almost Lover- A Fine frenzy

In 2009, along with her second album "Bomb In The Birdcage".  I bought a CD of the first album of a fine frenzy, a singer and songwriter and pianist. The real name of a fine frenzy is Alison Sudol. She is a genius.

The picture above is taken from the the first album's insert of a fine frenzy "One Cell In The Sea". The Album released on on July 17, 2007.

Almost Lover is the sixth track in the "One Cell In The Sea". A very moving and romantic song that tell you the story of a "never made it" relationship. It's easy to say goodbye but it wont be easy to forget the things.

I cannot go to the ocean I cannot (drive) the streets at night I cannot wake up in the morning Without you on my mind....

alison sudol is modelling product from

photography: angela kohler and ithyle griffiths
Here is a video of live performancce of almost lover:

The Greatest - Cat Power

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stall me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned deep to dust

The song is started with a slow piano strike, followed by trembling steel guitar, violin and drums. There is a strange feeling of being far away in an endless travel of finding who you really are, the greatest side of you.


Every inches you travel it make an endless hole in your heart. The holes only your beloved ones can cover. It starts to make you feel small, because you need some you love to be great.

The song suddenly makes you longing to meet someones you love to give them hugs and kisses and promise to yourself never leave them alone even for a second. Ever.

The greatest is the first track of the album the greatest by Chan Marshall a.k.a Cat Power released in January 20, 2006. The song was featured in the film and in the trailers for Wong Kar-Wai's debut English production, My Blueberry Nights. In 2009 the song was featured…

Spin The Black Circle - Pearl Jam

See this needle...a see my hand...
Drop, drop, dropping it down...oh, so gently...
Well here it comes...I touch the plane...
Turn me up...won't turn you away...

Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...whoa...

Pull it out...a paper sleeve...
Oh, my joy...only you deserve conceit...
I'm so big...a-my whole world...
I'd rather you...rather you...than her...

Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...whoa...oh...

You're so warm...oh, the ritual...when I lay down your crooked arm...

Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...
Spin the black circle
Spin the black circle...
Spin, spin...
Spin, spin...

Spin The Black Circle was released on November 8, 1994, as the first single of Vitalogy Album.

London Calling- The Clash

I went to a Roxette concert last week and got a ride from a friend. Along the way to the way to concert hall, a The Ramones heard-like tunes accompany us. I did not took any notice to the songs, for the songs are easy and most the beats are moderate, not to fast, not too slow. I kinda enjoy listening to them. I heard The Ramones before in her car also, but that time was not The Ramones, i knew a few songs of The Ramones, I even have a Ramones shirt.

One of the song, the vocalist shout: "Breakin' rocks in the hot sun, I fought the law and the law won". CD is playing over and over again. On the way back, i was told it was The Clash. I've heard about this band a long long time ago, but i never really listen to the band.

I was suggested to listen to London Calling, the first track from the album London Calling (1979). The song is the lyric is not as easy listening as the music.

I read some facts about the track:
- "London Calling" was released as the only sing…

Street Spirit- Radiohead

"Street Spirit (Fade Out)  is a song by English alternative rock band Radiohead, featured on their second studio album The Bends, which was released in 1995.

In an Interview with Brian Draper from Third Way Magazine, october 11th 2004 Yorke said that the song completely influenced by the novel The Famished Road, written by Ben Okri that he read on tour in America, and also inspired by REM.

From an unknown source there is an often quoted lines about York's opinion about the song:
 "Street spirit is the darkest thing we've ever done, but I didn't compose it, it composed itself. we were just the messagers. all of our songs, no matter how dark they are, they always have a solution, but not this one.? is like being trapped forever, is the tunnel without the light at the end" -Thom Yorke

One of the interesting part of this song it's the video. The music video for "Street Spirit" was filmed during two nights in a desert just outside Los Angeles.…

Hands- Jewel

"Poverty stole your golden shoes
It didn't steal your laughter"

Hands is a song by Jewel that included in her second album, Spirit (1998). The song is the first single of the album but never released as a single CD, the song is aired in the radio with the radio edit version for radio promo. Without the release of a single CD, this song is it still reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and the video reached #1 on VH1's Top 10 Countdown. I liked the song very much, her soft voice and her emotion in singing the song is haunting.

Just looking up her website this morning and find that she is doing many things including the activism in Helping End Child Hunger. In a post dated March,5, 2012 she wrote: "I'm excited to announce that this year I'm partnering with ConAgra Foods on their Child Hunger Ends Here campaign".

She is participating in the campaign by releasing a song called, “Here’s Hope", a song co-written by industry-leading songwriters…

Young Folks - Peter Bjorn And John

Forget about song facts and info, just look it up in wiki, now, let's sing....

Here is the lyrics:

If i told you things i did before
told you how i used to be
would you go along with someone like me
if you knew my story word for word
had all of my history
would you go along with someone like me

i did before and had my share
it didn't lead nowhere
i would go along with someone like you
it doesn't matter what you did
who you were hanging with
we could stick around and see this night through

and we don't care about the young folks
talkin' 'bout the young style
and we don't care about the old folks
talkin' 'bout the old style too
and we don't care about their own faults
talkin' 'bout our own style
all we care 'bout is talking
talking only me and you

usually when things has gone this far
people tend to disappear
no one will surprise me unless you do

i can tell there's something goin' on
hours seems to disa…

Like Humans Do- David Byrne

I remember one day in 2001, when the boxes of new computers were coming, new operating system and the most important thing was new media player. The new media player was quite interesting, but more interesting to us was to test to play it. So we tested the media player using one of the sample song included in the media player, it was "Like Humans Do" by David Byrne from the album Look Into The Eyeball.

David Byrne is a musician and artist, best known as a founder and songwriter of band Talking Heads, active between 1975 and 1991. If we visit David Burne's website  we could find what is he doing right now. He is a musician, artist, director, bicycling activist,and writer.

We can find the song "Like Humans Do" In the album Look into the Eyeball. We also can find the song in Byrne's 2007 live albumLive from Austin, Texas. In that film, he explains that the song is about trying to love human beings despite their failings, by taking a "…

Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970 – 1978

UTJOK: “Boys!”
AKA: “Yeah!”
U: “Do you like grass?”
A: “No!”
U: “Do you like morphine?”
A: “No!”
U: “Do you like LSD?”
A: “No!”
U: “Do you like (to get) stoned?”
A: “No!”
U: “But, now. Do you like sex?”
A: “Yeaaah!”
U: “Alright!”

The conversation comes at the beginning of a track called Shake Me from AKA, a funk rock band from indonesia  in Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970 – 1978, a compilation album consist of 20 tracks of amazingly great songs from the 70's.

The Idea of releasing an anthology of Indonesian psychadelic in 70's came from Eothen Alapatt, the owner of Now-Again Records and also Stones Throw Records General Manager. Collaborating with a Canadian Hip Hop producer Jason “Moss” Connoy, researcher Chandra Drews, dan a living Indonesian Rock Legend Benny Soebardja.

I bought the album LP in a CD store after watching the records in Youtube. Even in Indonesia, the records of the songs compilated in this album i…

Wonder - Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique

Anneke van Giersbergen (born 8 March 1973) is the former lead singer of the Dutch progressive/alternative rock band The Gathering which she departed in August 2007. Since then, she has been involved in a solo project called Agua de Annique which also included her husband & drummer of the band, Rob Snijders. She now performs under her own name with her husband & other members. She has also worked with Lawn, Farmer Boys, Ayreon, Napalm Death, Novembers Doom, Moonspell, Globus, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Giant Squid, Devin Townsend, Anathema and Within Temptation.
Woder is a song featured in the album In Your Room of her band Agua de annique. In Your Room was released on October 30, 2009. (source: Wikipedia)

Anneke's voice in this song is so beautiful, check the video here:

All Along The Watchtower- Eddie vedder and Million Dollar Bashers

Q: Who Wrote this song?
A: Bob Dylan
Q: Whwn did Dylan record the song?
A: Dylan recorded the song on November 5, 1967, at Columbia Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee
Q: In What Album the song first appeared?
A: In John Wesley Harding1967 album .
Q: Name us the artists had covered the song?
A: Huge numbers, but if we must name: Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix, Dave Mason, Neil Young, U2, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, Supertramp, and many otrhers
Q: When did jimmy Hendrix start to record the song?
A: Six months after Dylan's original recording, on January 21, 1968
Q: What's the impression of Dylan on Hendrix version?
A: In an interview He said: "I was overwhelmed, really. He had such talent, he could find things inside a song and vigorously develop them. He found things that other people wouldn't think of finding in there. He probably improved upon it by the spaces he was using. I took license with the song from his version, actually, and continue to do …

Everyday - Buddy Holly

"If anyone asks you what kind of music you play, tell him 'pop.' Don't tell him 'rock'n'roll' or they won't even let you in the hotel."
Charles Hardin Holley (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

"Everyday" is a beautiful song written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty, recorded by Buddy Holly and the Crickets on May 29, 1957 and released on September 20, 1957 as the B-side to "Peggy Sue".

In the Original version, Buddy Holly plays acoustic guitar; drummer Jerry Allison did notplay the drum but slaps his hands on his lap for the beat; Joe B. Mauldin plays a standup acoustic bass; and producer Norman Petty's wife, Vi, plays the celeste.

The song's length is 2 minutes and 5 seconds. The song is ranked #236 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Song Covers:
-Tina Robin, also with the Coral Records label, recorded a version of the songIn 1958,
-John Denver recorded this song on h…

Silver - Moist

Silver is a song from Moist, a Canadian Alternative Rock Band that was popular in the mid-to-late-1990s. The band was led by lead singer David Usher, along with Mark Makoway (guitars), Jeff Pearce (bass), Kevin Young (keyboards) and Paul Wilcox (drums).
The Album Silver where the song silver featured, released in 1994 under the label EMI Canada.
During 1994 this song was often air played in the radio and the video clips quite often aired on MTV. 
Below is the video of the song: