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Don't Look Back In Anger-Oasis

Above is the cover of Oasis' single Don't Look back In Anger released in 1996 and reahed #1 in the UK Singles Chart. This song is included in the Album (What's the Story) Morning Glory. It was written by the band's guitarist and, Noel Gallagher.
For me, the song is a must play song in every time I had a school band rehearsal. The song is a singalong, easy to digest, and have simple chords to play. But I found my drummer have difficulties in a before last chorus drum part.:)
This song is a big success of Oasis. , the song was a hit in many charts in different countries including number #1 for UK Singles Chart and Number #10 for U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

Who is Sally?
I don't know her. I bet Noel and Liam don't know either.

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(Groupie) Superstar- Delaney & Bonnie And friends feat. Eric Clapton

The famous versions of the song include:
- Original Delaney and Bonnie Version
The song is written in 1969 by musicians known as Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, that include Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, and others.
The song was called "Groupie (Superstar)", and recorded and released as a B-side to the Delaney & Bonnie single "Comin' Home" in December 1969. Released by Atlantic Records, the full credit on the single was to Delaney & Bonnie and Friends Featuring Eric Clapton.

- Mad Dogs and Englishmen's version
This version comes in live album of Joe Cocker's Mad Dog and Englishmen in August 1970, the song's name was "superstar" without  (groupie). The live album reaching number 2 in Billboard pop album chart and the people started to become aware of the song "superstar". The song in this album was sung by ex-Delaney and Bonnie vocalist Rita Coolidge that was a backup vocalist of Mad Dog and Englis…

America- Simon and Garfunkel

"Kathy, I'm lost," I said, though I knew she was sleeping
I'm empty and aching and I don't know why
Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
They've all gone to look for America
All gone to look for America
All gone to look for America...."

That's the last paragraph of Simon and Garfunkel's song called America, included in their album Bookends, released on 3 April 1968. The song was released in 1971 as the B-side to "Keep The Customer Satisfied" a US promo-only release. Then as a single in 1972, to coincide with the album Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits. Simon and Garfunkel performed this song live in Bridge school and released as a compilation called Bridgeschool Concert I.

The song is literally telling a story of a couple on journey passing  the cities of Saginaw, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the New Jersey Turnpike leading to New York. If we dig the deeper meaning it could be a journey to search true mean…

Anthem - Deep Purple

"If the day would only come
Then you might just appear
Even though you'd soon be gone
When I reached out my hand

If I could see you
If only I could see you
To see if you are laughing or crying
When the night winds softly blow......." -

Anthem, Deep Purple

It was the end of the Requiem (2006) a German language film i watched in 2006 an intro of Organ playing fast notes, followed by guitar playing along with a warm voice of a man, a song ended the film. I recorded the song straight from the film using sound recorder software. Time flies, and it was 6 years ago as i remembered the song today and searched the film information. 
The song tittle is Anthem, it is from the Deep purple's second album The Book of Taliesyn (1968). Deep purple, a British rock band. the band did not released Anthem as a single. Below is the cover of the Album. The The cover of the 1968 album was created by the illustrator and author John Vernon Lord. The Artwork is just awesome.

I like the 6 minutes 31 …

Man of The Hour- Pearl Jam

"Though Burton's quirky, eerie aesthetic would normally be at odds with Pearl Jam's earnestness, the two work well together here, with the song touching on the film's warmth and adding a bit of earthiness to its daydreamy nature." Heather Phares of Allmusic

"the star is the film's end-titles' closer, Pearl Jam's "Man of the Hour", which captures the darkness of Big Fish's central Oedipal conflict." Barry Walters of Rolling Stone

I heard a news of the release of a film called Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton and what made me so excited is the soundtrack. One song of the soundtrack is from Pearl Jam, called Man Of The Hour.

Man of the Hour is written by Pearl Jam's Vocalist Eddie Vedder. In the movie the song accompanied the closing credit, so if you want to hear the song in the film, you must watch the film to the end or just move to the credit tittle scene. The song was released as a single on November 26, 2003, featured …

You've Really Got A Hold On Me- Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

Last 2011, I bought an LP titled Volume One of She and Him, a Duo consist of Zoey Deschanel and M. Ward. You've Really Got a Hold on Me is the 8th track of the album. I never read the credit and always consider the song was She and Him original, until i read a play The Beatles' CD Anthology 1, the first CD i found the same song, the You've Really Got a Hold on Me song.

Today I searched the articles related to the song information, from wikipedia, i found that "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" is a 1962 Top 10 hit single by The Miracles for the Tamla (Motown) label. One of the group's most covered tunes, this million-selling song is a 1998 Grammy Hall of Fame inductee. It has also been selected as one of the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
Written by Smokey Robinson and featuring Robinson on lead vocals, with Miracles second tenor Bobby Rogers on harmony co-lead, the song explores the feelings of a man so in love …

Dance Me To The End Of Love- Leonard Cohen/Madeleine Peyroux

The song Dance Me to The End of Love has been recorded in many versions and languages. I have difficulties whose version to feature in this post so i include both best versions of the song "Dance Me To the end Of Love" the original sung by Leonard Cohen and the cover by Madeleine Peyroux.

Leonard chen is a Canadian singer singer-songwriter, musician, poet and novelist. He wrote several poem books and novels before he begin his recording career. In 1984, Cohen Released an Album Called Various Positions. Dance Me to the End of Love" is the first track of the album.

In September 2004, Madeleine Peyroux, an American Jazz Singer released her second solo album, Careless Love,  Leonard Cohen's, "Dance Me to the End of Love" become her first track of the album.
here's the link to videos of the song by Mr.Cohen and Madeline Peyroux.

If you like the song, buy it from amazon:
<A HREF="…

Grunge atau Tidak Grunge, Terserah

Bagi saya yang anak Cirebon, tidak ada band yang sehebat Guns N’ Roses, suara lengkingan Axl Rose dan raungan gitar Slash saban hari dari siang sepulang sekolah sampai pagi menjelang sekolah selalu memenuhi kamar saya. Saya juga pernah membuat lukisan lambang GNR dengan cat Glotex (cat besi dan kayu)  di atas kanvas yang saya buat sendiri dari kain putih yang dilapisi tepung kanji  yang dicampur air kemudian dijemur.  Gambar pestol dan mawar itu kemudian saya tempel di dinding kamar dan saya pun menjadi merasa hebat dan berani menantang tetangga dengan menyetel tape kompo saya dengan volume full.  Dan  bersaing dengan tetangga yang  pada saat itu selalu menyetel  lagu Malaysia dan tarling Cirebon. Saat itu adalah tahun 1994.

You Really Got Me-The Kinks

Have you ever heard about "British Invasion?" well, according to Encyclopedia Britannica Online, "British Invasion is musical movement of the mid-1960s composed of British rock-and-roll (“beat”) groups whose popularity spread rapidly to the United States. The Kinks has been recognized as one of the invader along with The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.

In 1964 brothers Ray and Dave Davies, formed  The Kinks  in Muswell Hill, North London. The Song Girl You Really Got Me is the third single of their first album Kinks. The song was released on 4th August 1964 and become internationally successful as it reached top of the charts in the United Kingdom and reaching the Top 10 in the United States. In his  book Running with the Devil: Power, Gender, and Madness in Heavy Metal Music, American musicologist Robert Walser wrote that it is, "the track which invented heavy metal" and and heavily influe…

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)- Nancy Sinatra

I was acquainted to this song by Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill (2003) and it was a love at first hearing, later I checked the soundtrack of the album and check the tittle of the song was Bang Bang and it was Nancy Sinatra's version.

Bang Bang was written by Sonny Bono, and released in 1966 as the second single by singer-actress Cher from her second studio album The Sonny Side of Chér. The song was covered by singers from different countries and sung in several different languages.

I listened to the Cher's version of the song but did not get the same feeling as i was to the Nancy's. Probably it was the tempo and the instrument used is different. Nancy's version released also in 1966 the same year with the Cher's, Nancy Sinatra feature the song in her album How Does That Grab You?.With a slower beat tempo and the trembling sound of the guitar played by Billy Strange, this song sounds far more dramatic than the Chr's version. The Cher's version is us…

Above - Mad Season (Album)

What happen when Pearl jam, Alice in Chain, and Sreaming Trees jammed in one group: a Super album is born.
It was all started when Pearl Jam's guitarist Mike McCready went into rehabilitation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and met The Lamont Cranston Band bassist John Baker Saunders. After they returned to seattle in 1994, they formed a side band with Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin. The ban begin to write materials in their studio sessions. Then joined in the Alice in Chains's frontman Layne Staley, and they made a perfect circle.

With all the influence from each member the album offers a multi-taste songs. Above included the singles "River of Deceit", "I Don't Know Anything", and "Long Gone Day".

The most well known song is River of Deceit for it's clean and distortion free guitar sound and melodic bass line, make the song flow like a river. I Don't Know anything is an Alice in Chain typical song plus Pearl Jam's Mike Solo g…

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth- Metallica

Yesterday I bought an Indonesian historical fiction novel titled Nagabumi by an indonesian author Seno Gumira Ajidarma. The very begining of the first chapter of the book told me a story of  a 100 years old Javanese Warrior who invited all the warriors all over java to fight him. In the night of the fight 100 warriors come up to kill him, but with all the preparation he made, he kill 'em All.
As i continue to read the 815 pages book, i recalled the first album by Metallica, Kill 'em All. The album was released in 1983, and i bought the 1989 cassete tape of the album and still works good today. 
I was impressed by a track called (Anestesia) Pulling Teeth, a solo bass play by Burton, which i (still) thought until i write this post, it was played on guitar, for it sounds really like a guitar, with heavy distortion and wah wah pedal playing and i never noticed what Burton said before the song was "Bass solo, take one" and never read the credit of the song also. 
The tra…

She- Green Day

A Girl who is posting a video of her covering Green Day's She from the album Dookey wrote:

 "I wanted to acousticize a Green Day song and I found that this was one of the most melodic of their early songs. Oh wait, you didn't know there was a Green Day before "American Idiot"? Well there was, and if you didn't know, shame. And if you do know, then I hope you enjoy my video."
 i just smile..
and smile.....
a very big smile as i remembered the album dookie was one of the album that i as a first year high school student in 1994 listen almost everyday. With the Basket Case and when i come arroud video aired in MTV almost everyday, the album "Dookie" is the best-selling album of the band, with with 15 million copies sold worldwide. Dookie won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995.

Of the album Dookie, there is a single called "she", an only 2 mins and 16 second melodic song. "She" is very hear-able punk roc…

Buttercup- Brad

Shawn Smiths voice crawl in the silence of the night, along with Stone Gossard's lazy guitar tunes, as Regan Hagar slow yet intense drum beat keep them in shape playing a melodious song called Buttercup. Buttercup is the first song of Brads first album, Shame. It is just perfect.

Brad is a Seattle band, it is a fusion of Pearl Jams riff maker, Stone Gossard, Satchel and Malfunksun's Regan Hagar's, Jeremy Toback's bassline, and beautiful, feather felt vocals of Shawn Smith.

It is funny how the Brad was taken as The Band's name, the band originally wanted to go by the name Shame, but the name was already taken by a band featuring musician Brad Wilson. Instead of using Shame as band name they make it as their album name and named the band Brad.

Buttercup is the first track of their first album, Shame, released in 1993, released under the label Epic. It's about a relationship. It's quite clear that it is not an easy relationship, maybe a temporary relationshi…

Put Your Lights On- Santana feat. Everlast

After recovering from a major heart attack, Everlast  wrote this song in February 1998.  According to him, the song is one of the most personal songs he had ever wrote.

This song is featured in Santana's Supernatural a multi-Grammy winning album in 2000, 7 Grammy s of the 8 categories nominated and won for The Best Rock Performance Category.

Well, regardless the song meaning and the backgrounds, it is an easy listening song. Carlos santana's guitar  fill the song's soul and turned it into a supernatural gem.

here is the link to the video of the song in youtube
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Where The Wild Roses Grow : Covering Both Stories of The Murderer and The Victim

In 2004 i bought a double cassete tape of Ultimate Kyle, the album of the best songs of Kyle Minouge, a female singer from Australia, i liked a song called Where The Wild Roses Grow, at that time i never cared about what the song meaning or wondering what the song is all about. Well i often use the song as my lullaby.
tonight i searched again for the video and the lyrics of this song, and as i watched the video and listen carefully to the lyric, i begin to feel a bit scared i used the song about murder of a woman as a lullaby. :)
Well, that's only a song anyway. This song released in 1995 as a single for Nick cave and the Bad Seeds Murder Balladsalbum. Here is a quote of interview with Nick Cave about this song:
Where The Wild Roses Grow was written very much with Kylie in mind. I'd wanted to write a song for Kylie for many years. I had a quiet obsession with her for about six years. I wrote several songs for her, none of which I felt was appropriate to give her. It was onl…

if i thought you'd ever change your mind

I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses as the sun begins to shine
Sweet perfume in tiny jeweled caskets
If I thought you'd ever change your mind

But what use of flowers in the morning
When the garden they should grow in is not mine
And what use is sunshine if I'm crying
And my falling tears are mingled with the wine

that's two paragraphs of the song if i thought you'd ever change your mind, a beautiful song covered by Agneta Faltskog in her album, My Coloring Book. Agnetha is a Swedish singer and a former member of ABBA.
This song is written by John Cameron and performed by Cilla Black an england Singer, television presenter and actress 1970 and reached number 20 in UK Chart. In 2004 Agnetha Fältskog released this song as the first single in her 11th solo album. The single reached number two in Sweden reached number 11 in the UK.
A video of this song on youtube
Agnetha's version:

Cilla Black's ve…

The Call of Ktulu

This song caught my attention when I first play the Metallica’s live concert S&M. The Album is the recording of Metallica’s live performance accompanied by symphonic orchestra arranged and conducted by Michael Kamen in April 21–22, 1999 at Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California.
According to, The song "The Call Of Ktulu" was Metallica's first instrumental song on which all band members played together, The song is featured in Ride The Lightning Album.
The song is usually played as a part of Bass and Guitar solo performance but there were times the song performed live in full and regular version, the first one is in the "Country Club" in Reseda, CA on august 30 in '83. The Instrumental Performance" for the song "The Call Of Ktulu" ("S&M" version) won a Grammy Award in 2001 (February 21st) in the category "The Best Rock

Called "When Hell Freezes Over" on demo version, the song was inspir…

Virginia Moon

With the Foo Fighter's winning over 3 categories on 54th Grammy awards, i remembered one song that i found at first time in the Norah Jones album featuring, the song is called virginia moon. The song is originally featured in the fifth studio album by Foo Fighters, released on June 14, 2005 In Your Honor.

" Dearest constellation, heaven surroundin' you
Stay there, soft and blue. Virginia Moon, I'll wait for you tonight
Sweetest invitation, breaking the day in two
Feelin' like I do, Virginia Moon, I'll wait for you tonight."--

The lyrics above, the bossanova beat and half-whispering voice of Norah Jones is just perfect for a lullaby. :) It's more like Norah than Foo Fighters.
Watch the videos at  Youtube
If you like the song you can buy the CD or the mp3s at:

Coyote Ugly Soundtrack

Coyote Ugly (2000) is a film about an aspiring musician becomes one of the most famous bartenders in New York in a  high-spirited comedy-drama. Small-town girl Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) dreams of making a name for herself as a singer and songwriter, so she moves to New York City in hopes of landing her big break. Needing to support herself until stardom rolls around, she takes a job as a barmaid at a new nightspot called Coyote Ugly, where the owner Lil (Maria Bello) and the staff of attractive young women dance on the bar, flirt with the mostly male clientele, sing along with the jukebox, and goad the customers into matching them shot for shot. Soon, local media pick up on the bar's success, turning the staff into unexpected celebrities, a situation that presents its own set of problems (Mark Deming, Rotten Tommatoes). 
Instead of the film that i found myself as a 20 year old fresh graduate interesting becouse the girls in the film are attractive, i think the…

Lost Without You

The same as a written literature, a songalsohas the abilityto tell theeventsorfeelingsto be conveyedby the author. Toneandbeatina particulararrangementmayrepresenta natural humanexpressionsuch assadness, love, longing, anger, andothers.
A songthat I thinkrepresentsa sense ofgriefof loosingsomeonewe loveisa song fromJohnPetrucci, a founder of thebandDream Teathre entitled"Lost without you". Thissongcanbe foundonhisfirstsoloalbumcalledsuspendedanimationtracknumber 7.
With a very soft guitar lines in the beginning and getting tensed in the next part, this song is veryemotionalandevocative. Without the words, it will tell youthe exactfeelingof"lost without you".
Youcan findthevideoofthissongonyoutube:
clickif youwant to buythesongorthealbum on amazone:

Song Summary
Tittle: Lost Without You
Album: Suspended Animation
Writer: John Petrucci
Year: 2005

don't dream it's over

"Don't Dream It's Over" is a beautiful song written by Neil Finn of the Crowded House released in 1986. I found this song in the Neil Finn's 7 World's Collide Album Project. A Beautiful album in which many great musicians involved  including Pearl Jam's vocalist Eddie Vedder . 

You can find another version covered by Sixpence None The Richer as a singel to promote their album called divine discontent.

This song is literally deliver positivity and optimism. With a heart warming chorus for the defeated and give spirit to the brokenhearted. It's a song to cheer you days up.
If you like the song you can buy this song at
if you want to see the video of Neil Finn performing this song go to this link on YOUTUBE

find the song's lyrics here